Commonly Asked Questions by Business Owners

Yearly Budget

My client said to me, “It seems like not all of the cash that I have earned is making it into my account.” I looked

Undeposited Funds Account

One of my most dreaded functions and account of QuickBooks. The undeposited funds account. It is so easy to not utilize this account properly. I

Write-Offs Cash Basis

I was very discouraged to have to deliver the news when I had a client tell me, “We are going to go through our Accounts

Days of Cash

I could not believe it. Not more than one day of cash. My heart sank to my stomach. I double checked. Still in disbelief. Yes,

Monitor Recurring Expenses

Recently, in the last five year’s or so, I have seen an increase in the popularity of software as a service (SAAS), and business tools

Understanding the Balance Sheet

Do you understand the parts of your balance sheet? I believe it is essential to understanding your business and understanding your numbers. For instance, did